Photoshoot Etiquette

There are certain things that should happen on a photoshoot and some things that never should happen.

What I expect of you.

  • I expect you to have fun and enjoy your shoot.
  • I expect you to arrive sober and ready to shoot at least 10 minutes before the start time..
  • I expect you to bring a chaperone if you feel you need to, the only thing I request is that you send me a picture of your chaperones ID a day before the shoot, for my safety.
  • I expect you to tell me, if anything I want you to do, makes you feel uncomfortable in any way. I will never force you to do anything that you do not want to do. #justsayno

What you can expect from me.

  • I won’t ever touch you or make crude comments or jokes about you. This is a job for me and I AM A PROFESSIONAL.
  • I will try to help you relax and enjoy your shoot, so we can capture amazing images.
  • I will use top class camera and lighting gear to capture your images professionally.
Photoshoot Etiquette